Friday, August 24, 2007

fountain necklace

While visiting a friend near Chicago, we stopped at the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, IL. Everything about the place was very beautiful, but I was drawn to the fountain. When I looked inside, I saw this:

I thought it was really cool and knew I wanted to make a piece of jewelry that captured it. The rest of my vacation, the back of my mind was formulating this necklace. (You might also recognize it as the background of this blog.)

When I got home, I did some searching for the perfect beads. Since I had only an idea of what I wanted, I couldn't go to my regular sources. Instead, I looked at good old ebay. Besides having a wide selection of things available right then, most things were reasonably priced. I found several things that would be perfect for my creation and bought what I could, bidding on the others. There isn't a big market for beads, so I easily won everything I needed.

I only had one problem (albeit a major one) when one company decided that instead of the $4.99 shipping charges, I would have to pay almost $30. That was a long drawn out fight, including reporting them to ebay, but in the end I ended up paying for them. It makes me sad, but they were really awesome beads. (If you look at the necklace, it's the lighter of the 2 large squares.)

So after I finally had all my beads, I set about creating. The design process alone took several hours, but I had a picture in my head (and on my camera) which gave me a clear goal. I'm quite pleased with the way the necklace turned out. It is a little bulky and heavy though, so it's not a perfect everyday necklace. But it is so nice to look at.

See the necklace at Sun Sparkle Designs: fountain necklace.