Friday, August 10, 2007

gradichrome necklace

I bought a new outfit on Saturday. Naturally I wanted to wear it on Monday. I had a black shirt, white skirt with black trim, white shoes with black trim, a black headband with white stripes, but no jewelry that matched so completely. Sure, I could throw in a splash of color, but I was going for the whole bi-chrome effect. So I did what any self respecting jewelry artist would do: I made myself a new necklace.

Once I had all my supplies together, the designing process didn't take long at all (duh - black, gray, white, repeat). SO I whipped myself up a pretty strand of faux-pearls. As I'm about to snap a picture for posterity, I notice that in one place, the pattern doesn't go b-g-w, it goes b-g-w-w-g-b which is only a minor misstep, but I'm a perfectionist dammit.

So I remake the necklace. Then as I'm crimping the final bead that holds the whole thing together, the wire breaks for no reason and black agates go a-flying. I yell a few choice words and begin the reconstruction process. Craig tells me to stop it, give up, do it tomorrow. But I need to wear the necklace tomorrow!

So I make the necklace for the third time. All goes as planned, I take the photos, and decide I can finally go to bed. This is why when my alarm went off at 6:45 am Monday morning, I wondered aloud what day it was, and had to really rack my brain as to why I would be getting up so early.

Then, after all that, I wear it twice (in one week) and somebody buys it. I was a little sad, but if I didn't want it sold I wouldn't have put it up for sale.

See the necklace at Sun Sparkle Designs: gradichrome necklace.