Friday, August 10, 2007

blue & purple pin

A coworker had a gift in mind for someone that had helped her through a hard time. The woman the gift was for wasn't real big on jewelry, but would wear a nice brooch on occasion. I told my coworker I could make something for her with her favorite colors.

I looked on ebay and found a beautiful handmade dichroic glass piece. I super-glued a pinback to the glass, and connected some simple curved wire hangings. From the wire, I strung seed beads to complement the glass colors. It was very simple, perfect for someone who doesn't wear a lot of jewelry. I thought it was quite pretty, and I was very pleased with the result, as was my coworker.
The next day, my coworker reported back that the recipient loved it, but my coworker's wife had said "it looks like something a 5-year old made."


See the pin at Sun Sparkle Designs: blue & purple pin.